One thing we all pay for, and we all use, is the infrastructure within our city. It’s time we, as a community, take control of our physical environment again. Imperial Beach needs to maintain its public infrastructure to support the population without straining the resources we have, to do it. Can we rearrange, expand, reshuffle to handle needed increased capacity? If we can, the city can continue to provide sufficient services without increased financial burden.

Public Facilities

Our community should have control over the decisions facing our own city. We live, play, work, and raise our children here and we will create the best opportunities for our public spaces. Let’s make our money go further so that we can continue to enjoy the legendary level of services our city is known for. To that end, we should be looking at our existing facilities to identify areas that can be upgraded rather than replaced or where capacity can be added without putting undue stress on the departments and community groups that use them.

Water Quality

It is time to focus on our future and our resources we have on hand. We should develop a comprehensive approach for stormwater management, clean water management, and engagement of the community in maintaining as clean an environment as possible to ensure we’re doing all we possibly can to have a positive impact on water quality on our beaches. The message and commitment to a clean environment starts right here in Imperial Beach. If we are the shining example, the message will spread.

Parking and Traffic

Imperial Beach will always be a popular day destination because of our beaches and small-town ambiance. But it doesn’t have to be a parking nightmare at the same time. We want to look at creating more safer beach parking since peak traffic is always going to be a reality. We need to embrace it and come up with creative solutions so that folks can enjoy what we have to offer stress free. We want to identify possible partnerships with businesses that have capacity for joint use during peak hours throughout the city and look at new and innovative ways to keep the traffic flowing.

Imperial Beach sign at the pier with four brightly colored arches on a sunny day.