Hello, I am Shirley!

As a 50+ year resident and business owner in Imperial Beach. I’ve lived in Imperial Beach, worked in Imperial Beach and raised my family in Imperial Beach. Now I want to help lead Imperial Beach to be its brightest and best. I hope you will join me as we move into our future together. My overall campaign focus is improving the lives of Imperial Beach residents, through the improvement of our infrastructure, public safety, and economic development. Coming together we can achieve new goals that will give us the city we truly deserve. I look forward to representing every part of Imperial Beach and coming together as neighbors.


One thing we all pay for, and we all use, is the infrastructure within our city. It’s time we, as a community, take control of our physical environment again. Imperial Beach needs to maintain its public infrastructure to support the population without straining the resources we have, to do it. Can we rearrange, expand, reshuffle to handle needed increased capacity? If we can, the city can continue to provide sufficient services without increased financial burden.

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My goal as your representative is to ensure that our community can live in balance with the environment in addition to developing a healthy and supportive public safety organization. Our utmost goal should be safeguarding public health, well-being, and prosperity throughout our city. We’ll identify and reserve sites for future public safety services, look at adding a local ambulance service back into our community, and work to build a partnership between policing agencies and our constituents.

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We have one of the most beautiful beaches in California just steps away from our homes. We have businesses and activities that attract vast numbers of visitors to our community every day. Let us find real, workable solutions to how we can handle the increased traffic so everyone can enjoy what our city has to offer. In the end, we can ALL enjoy the variety and opportunity that our city has to offer. Let us look for ways to incentivize new retail and service spaces to increase shopping options- including the types of local boutique businesses that serve locals and attract visitors. Our goal is to diversify our local economy here in Imperial Beach.

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Get Involved!

Here are the ways you can be involved with Shirley and a new future for Imperial Beach.

Your donation is an investment to not only Shirley but an investment to Imperial Beach’s future. Please consider donating to help fund the necessary campaign resources needed to win the race.


If you have some time, we have something you can do to support Shirley in her bid to become mayor. Whether it’s stuffing envelopes, manning phones, walking your neighborhood, or just chatting with your neighbors, no amount of effort is too small.


If you or your organization believes Shirley is the best choice for Imperial Beach, please take the time to put your name behind her to show your support. Your endorsement will be instrumental in helping to get the word out and to encourage others to get involved as well.

Below are some of the folks who have endorsed Shirley for Imperial Beach’s next Mayor. Add your name using the red button below.

California Republican Party

Republican Party of
San Diego County

Greg Cox
Former County Supervisor

Cheryl Cox
Former Mayor of Chula Vista