Economic Development

We have one of the most beautiful beaches in California just steps away from our homes. We have businesses and activities that attract vast numbers of visitors to our community every day. Let us find real, workable solutions to how we can handle the increased traffic so everyone can enjoy what our city has to offer. In the end we can ALL enjoy the variety and opportunity our city has to offer.  Let us look for ways to incentivize new retail and service spaces to increase shopping options– including the types of local boutique businesses that serve locals and attract visitors. Our goal is to diversify our local economy here in Imperial Beach.

At the same time, creating opportunities like the Farmers Market for small entrepreneurs to widen their markets by reaching those most likely to buy and utilize their products and services. All of this helps to broaden and build a local tax base and that means the city can provide more services to improve the quality of life for all residents of Imperial Beach. I will work hard to represent all residents of Imperial Beach and look forward to improving our quality of life in our wonderful beach town.

Shirley Nakawatase in business wear with a dark blue blazer stands smiling next to a sign for The Lincoln Club of San Diego County.